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Creating a first-of-its-kind, contextual commerce experience


Domino pioneered shoppable content, blending editorial, and commerce in a new consumption model.


In 2013, the ascent of digital advertising shook the media landscape to its core. While the future of traditional print publications remained uncertain, one thing was clear: consumer behavior was evolving, and digital platforms were gaining immense popularity among audiences and advertisers alike.

It was a make-or-break moment for publishers, and Domino seized the opportunity to reinvent itself and emerge as a trailblazing, shoppable digital publication.

Domino embraced new technologies, transcending its roots as a print magazine to pioneer modern e-commerce. They redefined content consumption by capitalizing on shoppable content, heralding a new era where editorial and commerce seamlessly intertwined.

Adapting to changing online preferences with innovative formats, Domino attracted a devoted digital audience, cementing their position as visionary leaders. Their audacious move set the stage for content and shopping experiences to become inextricably linked. 

With over 30,000 products curated from diverse vendors, Domino's digital platform became more than a magazine — it became a lifestyle destination. By integrating its editorial expertise with a vast online marketplace, Domino shattered print boundaries and ventured into the digital landscape, revolutionizing its industry’s narrative.

products curated from vendors
monetized pieces of legacy content


In the 2013 e-commerce arena, Domino saw potential in merging content and commerce as one. Project Decor led the charge in e-commerce, acquiring Domino and breathing new life into the brand by transforming static content into an immersive platform. This allowed Domino to take direct control of the end-to-end e-commerce experience and pioneer a contextual commerce approach.

Not only did this bold initiative diversify revenue streams, but also helped Domino set itself apart from less experience-oriented affiliate models.

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Domino contextual commerce example of article in the magazine and showcasing the product online

Partnering with Lumenalta, Domino embarked on an ambitious journey to redefine the e-commerce landscape for home decor and interior design. With a rich history in print, they faced the challenge of digitizing and revitalizing over a decade of Condé Nast’s static content. The shared vision was to create a pioneering end-to-end e-commerce infrastructure to manage a diverse catalog from various vendors.

To do this, Lumenalta created a Content Management System (CMS), complete with the launch of a native iOS companion app, enhancing accessibility and engagement for users on the go. This optimization streamlined the shopping experience and invigorated Domino’s editorial content, enhancing engagement across platforms.

Additionally, Lumenalta implemented a robust data analytics and dashboard system for Domino to extract valuable insights into consumer behavior.

With the introduction of Domino’s barrier-breaking “Shop by Story” experience, users gained the ability to shop directly from Domino’s digital editorial content. This was a breakthrough in 2013, as the integration of storytelling and shopping functionality was relatively uncommon.

With this feature, Domino set a new standard for interactive online experiences at the time. As such, they were among the handful of companies at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of e-commerce.

Through this transformative partnership, Domino redefined its digital presence and cemented its position as an industry leader in lifestyle media and e-commerce.


Snapshots of the contextual commerce experience from Domino.

The results were unprecedented and reignited its loyalist fan base. Domino re-established itself as a leader in the home decor and interior design space, by monetizing more than 50,000 pieces of legacy editorial content into a relevant and reliable shopping experience.

The impact was profound, setting unprecedented benchmarks for the industry. It was more than just elevating digital presence. Domino redefined user engagement with the power of storytelling.

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