Same company, with a fresh new look. Clevertech is now Lumenalta. Learn more.

All remote, all connected

Being remote from the beginning means we’ve learned how to build a strong sense of connectivity.


Lighting the way: Freedom, mastery, purpose

“Our culture emphasizes the freedom to create from anywhere, the relentless pursuit of mastery through continuous improvement, and the sense of connection that comes from being part of driving great outcomes.”


Director of Culture

The Lumenalta difference

Fulfilling work

Build cutting-edge tech with great client partners and team members. Solve complex problems in an environment where you have the freedom to optimize for possibilities.

Remote from the start

Since the beginning we’ve been an office-less company so you can be as ambitious in your professional life as you are in your personal life.

Dedicated teams

Brain space for one problem set at a time, no burdensome time sheets. High expectations for your professionalism, but total trust in you.

Our benefits package

We take care of our team. Check out the benefits we offer.

Career coaching

Each one of our Lumens is assigned a coach on their first day to help them with goal setting, and unblocking issues so that each of our teammates is performing at their best.

Flexible time

We're not about enforcing burdensome time sheets: We recognize that Lumens on our distributed teams across the globe do their best work at different times.

Family leave

We work with you to make sure you get the time you need. We're excited about the new addition to your life and can’t wait to see photos!

Paid vacation

Whether it’s a special event, a trip with your loved ones, or just a day to breathe, take the time you need, and we’ll be excited to see you on Slack when you’re back.

Tenure gifting

These can include a luxury gift, a month-long paid sabbatical or monetary recognition.

Annual personal development fund

$1,000 to spend on whatever helps you feel your best, from gym gear to cooking classes and office decor. Whatever you’re into, we want you to be as fulfilled personally as you are professionally.

The role of Lumenalta culture coaches

Our culture is core to the way we work. To keep our globally distributed, high-performing teams connected, our career coaches help build practices that promote innovation and excellence.

Leveraging a holistic combination of skills-focused training, leadership coaching, and individual support, our coaches help fill in the gap between the personal and professional to achieve superior team outcomes.

Come work on the bright side