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Be ambitious — at work and at home.

Build exceptional things, with talented peers and awesome clients from wherever you might be. A career at Lumenalta means the freedom to continue your tech career on your terms. We’re entirely remote and have been from the start.


Fulfilling work

Build cutting-edge tech with great client partners and team members. Solve complex problems in an environment where you have the freedom to optimize for possibilities.


Remote from the start

Since the beginning, we’ve been an office-less company so you can be as ambitious in your personal life as you are in your professional life.


Dedicated teams

Brain space for one problem set at a time, no burdensome time sheets. High expectations for your professionalism, but total trust in you.

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Lumenalta. Architect

Diverse and challenging roles for developers, data scientists, designers, product analysts, quality assurance specialists, and business services roles. Build your career from anywhere.

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Vision alignment

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Innovative data architectures

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Data strategy & vision

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