Same company, with a fresh new look. Clevertech is now Lumenalta. Learn more.

A radically engaged technology team.

Since 2000, our highly-trained technologists have supported the world’s leading brands across industries.

On a mission to light the way to tomorrow's tech.

Consider our developers, product analysts, and designers as an extension of your team, deployed to solve your company’s biggest problems with the latest tech and tools.
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Our purpose is to build tech with big business impact.

Providing employment staffing in the field of IT systems and providing consultancy in the field of software design. We deliver what you need to gain the competitive advantage.
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Developing custom software to create disruptive technology solutions from the ground up.
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Digitizing dated processes, applications, and systems for greater, more impactful performance.
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Re-engineering existing products, software, and systems to support new pathways to revenue.
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