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Clevertech Unveils Dynamic Rebrand as Lumenalta, Lighting the Way for Swift Innovation in Custom Software Development

FEB. 6, 2024
Christi Sodano
After two decades as Clevertech, Lumenalta enters the new year with a new look, but with thae same, dedicated leadership, team and offerings.
[NEW YORK, NY/February 6, 2024] – Clevertech, a leader in innovative custom software solutions, proudly announces its evolution into Lumenalta. The new identity is more than just a change in name, it's a strategic decision to better align with their mission to evolve the client service experience in the digital consulting services space. 
Their experienced team of senior engineers, product analysts, designers and business and security analysts, now operating under the Lumenalta banner, focus on delivering tailored technology that help companies find the edge and create new standards in their industries. 
In addition to their partnerships with leading clients, they attribute their growth to the combination of their remote, radical engagement model and their obsession with building tech the way product-led organizations do. 
“In a world where digital programs fail more often than they succeed, we believe enabling the humans who build technology is still imperative to realizing success and outcomes,” said Kuty Shalev, CEO of Lumenalta. “We invest in our people so they can invest in our clients. Our technologists are senior-level and stress-tested. Our remote model has been honed to find and cultivate the best global development talent by creating the conditions for innovation and excellence,” he said. 
This rebrand reaffirms the company’s unwavering dedication to client care and satisfaction. 
“As Lumenalta, we will continue to drive big business impact through a faster and brighter path to digital transformation,” said Michael Hagler, President of Lumenalta. “Our clients feel the solution take shape because they see meaningful progress and new features early and often, allowing our clients to truly shape the agile product development experience.”
“With the development of Lumenalta, we are aligning our brand with our purpose to create a more direct path to transformative technology solutions for our clients,” said Christi Sodano, VP of Marketing and Communications. 
Clevertech's transformation into Lumenalta is not just a reflection of their commitment to innovation but also a recognition of the dynamic, evolving landscape in which the company operates. 
Michelle McFarland, Chief Operating Officer, said “Our focus is aligning on the right problems to solve for, and supporting top tech talent in solving those problems. Everything from our talent evaluations and coaching practices, to our high-touch development model.”
As they embark on this exciting journey as Lumenalta, they hope to overhaul the digital consulting services model into one that delivers on two fronts: greater care for clients’ during the development process, and obsession with building innovative and transformative technology.
ABOUT LUMENALTA Lumenalta is a leading custom software development company specializing in value-creating solutions. Since 2000, the company has been at the forefront of innovation, delivering more than 600 accelerated and impactful software solutions to clients in highly competitive environments.
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